10 amazing things to watch on Netflix ATM

Now I know we don’t have a “skip intro” feature like Netflix so I’m going to keep this short. We all know Netflix has been here in the region for a while now and we also know that they’ve finally released “Friends” on their platform- *YAY*.

BUT there are so many more shows, series, movies etc. worth binge-watching. So many different formats (stand up, short movies, series) that have really unique story lines that one could have simply not imagined.  Here’s my top 10 list in no specific order.


1 – Santa Clarita Diet – IMDB 7.7

The beautiful Drew Barrymore stars in this goreish comedy series by Netflix. She’s a suburban mom that undergoes a change in her diet.. a highly protein human flesh diet. The show is hilariously strung around how Sheila (Drew Barrymore) and her family copes with this new diet. My personal favourite highlight of the series is  Joel, Sheila’s husband (portayed by Timothy Olyphant) and his abilities to get up to speed to his wife’s new eating habits, or disorders, but, we’ll let you decide that.


2 – My Next Guest needs no Introduction with David Letterman – IMDB 8.2

The very funny and witty David Letterman hosts this web talk show on Netflix. The first season has so far had Barack Obama, George Clooney and Malala Yousafzai. The hour long episodes take you through the lives and conquests of the guests with ofcourse the classic satirical and comical touches of David Letterman. Other guests scheduled for the first season are Jay-Z, Tina Fey and Howard Stern.


3 – The Indian Detective – IMDB 6.6

If you haven’t found this on Netflix yet – “Somebody gonna get a hurt real baddd!”
Russel Peters makes a brilliant comeback in the show where he plays a cop from Toronto who visits his father (played by Anupam Kher) in India during his suspension and gets involved in a criminal investigation.


4 – That 70’s show – IMDB 8.1

This popular sitcom spread accross 8 seasons is about the lives of 6 teenagers in Wisconsin set in the 70’s. It starts the very popular Ashton Kucher, Mila Kunis, Laura Prepon from Orange is the New Black and many other recognisable faces. If you’re someone who enjoyed FRIENDS, you should give this a whirl too.

hasan minhaj homecoming king key art

5 – Hasan Minhaj: Homecoming King – IMDB 8.3

Hasan Minhaj has been around for a while but he got into the limelight in 2017 with roasting the current state of affairs and the President at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner and his Netflix Special- Homecoming King. The comedian from the Daily Show takes you through his life as a Pakistani Boy in America.


6 – Jane the Virgin – IMDB 7.9

Jane (played by Gina Rodriguez) is a pregnant virgin who gets accidently artificially inseminated. While in a relationship with her boyfriend, she is carrying the child of another man. The show takes on hilariously different issues that Jane battles like relationships, work, and being a pregnant virgin. The Golden Globe winning show is in its 4th season and has just received the green light for a 5th one. It is a loose adaptation of a Venezuelan telenovela and the show does an amazing job maintaining the integrity of the original show.

7- A Series of Unfortunate Events – IMDB 7.9


Netflix’s adaptation of the novels written by Lemony Snicket is theatrical, dramatic with a touch of sarcasm and dark comedy. Absurdism is the base around which the whole series is based. Neil Patrick Harris’ portrayal of Count Olaf, a semi-failed actor who constantly schemes to achieve the Baudelaire orphans fortune is commendable. You can see him in various forms and roles throughout the series.


8. Black Mirror – IMDB 8.9

A series of stand alone dramas that explores the future modern-tech world and the coming together of human paranoia and technology. Slightly disturbing yet extremely interesting and deeply intriguing at the same time. It cinematically exaggerates the human dependency on technology and its potential side effects.


9. Lust Stories – IMDB 6.9
(English Subtitles Available)

The series’ IMDB rating does no justice to the popular success it has received. Lust Stories is a series of 4 short stories of 4 different Indian women across different horizons. What’s really interesting and appreciative of this series is that it’s not “Feminist”. Each of the director’s stories are beautifully scripted to portray women in various spectrums: complex, simple, wrong and right.


10. Sacred Games – IMDB 9.3
(English Audio Available)

New buzz around the Netflix world is the series Sacred Games based on a 2006 Novel. The story is about a police officer (played by Saif Ali Khan) who gets an anonymous tip from an old-time gangster who was underground for many years. It takes a deep turn into the Indian politics and affiliations with underground world. One episode is enough to force you to binge the other seven.

Let us know if we’ve done your binge watching needs justice and do tell us if you liked anything from our top picks!
Happy “Serial”-Killing
(pun very much intended)



The Brunch Affair: Carnival By Tresind

Carnival By Tresind is gastronomical fiesta of Post-Modern  Indian Cuisine. The place is decked up with quirky interiors that represent the theme of a carnival.


When we got to know that they have introduced a brunch experience and also a new season for their menu, we couldn’t resist ourselves. The restaurant changes their menu every 3-4 months and each menu is regarded as a new season. While they do change the majority of the menu and add a new theme, around 30% consists of their best sellers from previous seasons.
The Brunch Affair features a combination of some of the signature dishes of the restaurant as well as the key highlight of live interactive table-side experiences. The Season 5 menu has influences from Colonial India which is quite evident in their presentation and preparation of the irresistible dishes.tJeGx5eVTcu12y944CsTyg_thumb_7ae

The brunch format isn’t similar to the usual buffet option where you need to get up to get your dishes (Which is a pain when you tummy is filled with delicious food), instead they bring the dishes to your table and the live dishes are prepared right in front of you while you are gawking.

We got to gobble up a variety of dishes which can be seen from the extravagant two page menu brunch menu. (That’s a great news for all the brunch lovers out there).


The gorgeous brunch journey begins with the Chaat Tanga which is located in a different area of the restaurant (you can get the chaat items directly at your table as well upon request).


The chaat range includes Taco Papdi Chaat, Nitro Bhel Puri, Ghugni Chaat and Pani Puri Rasgulla (Yes, they all are chaat varieties. Visit them and check it out for yourself!)

Our favorites were the Ghugni Chaat and Pani Puri Rasgulla because of the delicious and interesting take on the regular chaat.

Chicken Kurkure was an interesting item if you are a chicken lover. We couldn’t resist another round of it because of it’s simplicity and deliciousness.

All the seafood lovers will definitely go gaga over the Seafood platter. It comes with caramelized ginger prawn (our favorite!), fried fish fillet with habanero salsa and soft shell crab with coconut chutney. (Hungry yet?)

Another interesting dish was Prison Break which is basically fenugreek and spinach bhajjia. Which is a derived recipe from the prisoners of Sabarmati Jail (hence the name). Trust us, you will fall in love with the basic ingredients. 

By the time we reached the items on the second page of menu we had our tummies and heart full (prepare yourself, mentally and physically for this brunch). Based on  staff’s recommendation we tried their Truffle Rice which isn’t a part of the menu but they were serving it on that particular day. This dish was a winner overall. If this dish is being served during your visit, we would suggest you ignore a couple of other items (if you feel you are going to die due to food coma) and definitely run to try this! (fine, you can walk instead).

Since we opted for the non-alcoholic brunch we got to slurp on fancy mocktails which had flavors ranging from mango, passion fruit, green apple to litchi.

Coming to the most crucial part of any meal – DESSERTS!! THfq%1GxSSao+ch+BVk9JQ_thumb_7a5

The menu includes the Pastry Trolley (yes, a God damn trolley!!) from which you can pick up any flavor and munch on.

And their best seller live dessert which is called the Gajak. This is going to take you back to your childhood days of creating a mess and having your delicious food.

A4iMSP6eRKyNyM5DD1629A_thumb_7aaThe dessert has flavors of caramel, chocolate and peanut and feels like a gourmet deconstructed Snickers chocolate bar (yes, we analyze our desserts quite carefully).

Overall, it’s a GREAT experience especially if you are visiting them to celebrate a particular occasion. The staff is amazingly cheerful and they put in maximum effort to ensure everyone is comfortable and has a gorgeous time which fills their heart and tummy with love (and food ofcourse!).

AED 250 per person: Food & Non-alcoholic Beverages (Taxes included)
AED 400 per person: Food & Alcoholic Beverages (Taxes included)
TIMING: Fridays, 12 Noon to 4pm

PHONE: 044218665, 0522424262
WEBSITE: www.carnivalbytresind.com

Carnival By Tresind Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato




La Perle By Dragone – The Live Masterpiece

La Perle is the region’s first resident show which is created by the world’s most renowned artistic director, Franco Dragone.

IMG_5454The show is brought to life by 65 international artists representing their own unique set of skills ranging from acrobats, acting, acquatic and aerial stunts.

The gorgeous theatre located in Al Habtoor City is designed to accommodate 1300 viewers.

Certain bits of the show will make your heart skip a beat. Our favorite was the synchronized dragon act, carried out by two brilliant actors who sort of stole the entire show.

Here is a sneak peek of the spectacular show!

But we do understand that the important question here is, which type of tickets should I buy? Is it worth the money? Which seats are the best? How long is the show? And so on.

So let’s dive straight into the details and put your mind at ease!

The duration of the show is 90 minutes and we know choosing the right kind of seats is a crucial decision and sometimes the most daunting one especially when you are spending a significant amount of money from that pretty wallet of yours.

Here is a view of the seating arrangement based on the type of seats available.

Screen Shot 2018-06-27 at 2.00.50 PM

We opted for the Silver Category since we got them at a great price through the online offers available (Now that we have your attention, continue reading to find out about those GORGEOUS OFFERS!)

We booked our seats in Section 205 in row N (Seats 7-10) for two prime reasons, one being the perfect view of the entire stage and second that it was last row of Silver Category in that section before the Gold Category starts, which is a great deal.

This was the view from our seats.

If you are planning to choose the Silver Category we would suggest you opt for Seats 1-10, Row N in Section 205 or else Seats 14-23, Row N in Section 206. Another option is to check for seats in Section 204 and 207 since they give you a great view as well.

The seats located in front of the stage are in the “Splash Zone” so be prepared for it incase you are opting for that area.

Now let’s talk about that golden word – OFFERS!

  1. Summer Offer: Up to 40% Off: This is a seasonal offer
  2. Deal of the Week (Best deals for last minute tickets): This is the offer we utilized. Once you click on the link, it directly takes you to a particular day and show time for which you can get the cheapest tickets. We paid 199 AED for a single silver ticket through thanks to this! (which originally costs around 600 AED).
  3. Family Offer: If you are buying 4 or more tickets, then this is a great deal to check out.
  4. Early Bird Special: You can save a significant amount if you book 30 days in advance.
  5. Emirates NBD Offer: Since March 2018, there is a 50% off available for Emirates NBD card holders.

You can visit the offers link for further details.

If the offers weren’t enough motivation for you to grab those seats, then check out a couple more videos from the extravagant show!

Get ready to be transported into another world!

Check out the link for important information and their website for further details about the magnificent experience!


The Playhouse – the new fun-land?

Now here’s the thing with Dubai weekends: it’s almost a ritual to make plans happen over the weekend, and for most times, it’s a type of plan that runs till 3am in the morning giving you a chance to be as nocturnal as you’d like. Nightlife in Dubai is so vivid and vibrant, when it comes down to the options you have, with different clubs and lounges spinning many tracks and genres of music and giving away varied weekend vibes- AND WE SIMPLY LOVE THEM. So when Team Snaprzone got a chance to visit The Playhouse Lounge, we really couldn’t refuse.



The Playhouse Lounge, located at GoldState Hotel in Al Jaddaf is not your typical pub-type lounge. Unlike most sports bars, this lounge with it’s extremely colourful and artistic interiors by @captainbarbozart clearly gives you the vibe that it is meant for beats and rhythm.

The place has ample seating and multiple types of seating arrangements from super comfy couches to usual tables along with bar style seating which is great for different group sizes especially with specific preferences.

The location is also home to many Unplugged Nights with live bands and DJs performing and we were invited to witness the season finale of one such night.We got the chance to witness the first gig of @moksh_the_band and we instantly fell in love with their music especially their interesting song choices.

Now coming to the most interesting part of any visit – FOOD!!

We tried a couple of the bar’s finger foods and drinks, here’s what we thought about them:


The Playhouse Lager [AED 25]:


You will certainly not find many places in Dubai which brew their own beer, so when we heard about The Playhouse Lager for the first time we just had to try it out! To our surprise it was quite a good summer beer, almost comparable to the well-known Corona with a slight hint of bitter. Definitely worth a try for beer lovers!


Tropical Fizz Mocktail [AED 35]:

If you love Strawberries, Orange and Pineapple then this drink is a great blend of all those bright fruits. Truly Tropical!

Grape Mist Mocktail [AED 35] : This was a blend of Grapes, apple and berry juice with soothing Ginger Ale. Pretty refreshing and just the right amount of sweetness!


Kothu Kothu Chicken [AED 39]:


If you love the usual Paratha and Chicken curry combination then this is surely going to delight your taste buds. Freshly made paratha is thinly sliced and mixed with carrots, cabbage, egg and cooked with their aromatic chicken curry to make this flavorsome dish. This was a clear winner for us. They have a beef option available as well.

Thai Mi Fish Cakes [AED 38]:


A combination of minced fish and shrimps served in the form of patty-cakes with sweet chili sauce. Unfortunately, this item didn’t quite win us over with it’s flavors.

Chronicles of Chicken Balls [AED 36]:

A crunchy sesame crusted chicken starter made into the shape of balls and served with sweet chili sauce: basically, translating to emojis with heart-eyes for all the meat lovers in Dubai. For those who are looking for the usual chicken starter along with their favorite drink, this is the way to go.

We wanted to try out their vegetarian options too. Unfortunately, they only had a couple of them.

Mini Stoned Margherita Pizza [AED 28]:


A fresh cheesy pizza with cherry tomatoes- served piping hot when it landed on our table. However, it averaged fairly as per our taste buds in comparison to the classic Margherita pizza.


The overall service was a tad bit slow due to the large crowd and lack of staff and we did face certain difficulties in communicating our requirements to the staff which led us to request for a few items several times.

In a nutshell, The Playhouse does require a few tweaks to the menu, the quality of food and service. That being said, it certainly holds both potential and promise to do well in Dubai’s nightlife scenario.

Written in collaboration by: Prachi Vidhani, Saher Meeran, Avinash Rajan and Nishtha Rajan


Opening Hours:
7PM – 3AM

The Playhouse - GoldState Hotel Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato



Classic Car Museum – An old age home for Cars

Have you ever been fascinated by things that existed before your time or before technologies took a drastic turn?

We had a very similar urge and hence, found ourselves at the Classic Car Museum in Sharjah.!!

Now we all know that Dubai has the best cars. From Ferrari’s and Lamborghini’s to Aston Martins, we have it all. From the moment we stepped in, we were in awe of the different cars over various periods; almost 80-90 years years ago!

This classic car museum is a must go for all the car enthusiasts out there. It’ll give you the perfect chance to learn about the specs of the difference vehicles which existed back in the good old days.

What surprised us is that some of these cars are still in production, just with newer body shapes.

These classic cars were something we had only seen in the classic movies or on some really rare occasion out on the street. Seeing them in life and a whole bunch of them was overwhelming.  Take a glimpse at few of the fascinating cars we found at the museum.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We had no idea  some of these even existed!
A few models existed only for a few years until their production was ceased. But that’s the best part about these cars, the more you know about them, the more you understand how newer technology drastically made an impact on the motor industry.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Apart from cars, the experience as a whole really took us down the olden streets with the museum’s ambience and decor with other collections such as  vintage bicycles, bikes, fire truck, police cars, etc. A glimpse of which we give to you.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The details of the museum is below:

Timings: Saturday to Thursday – 8 AM to 8 PM | Friday – 4 PM to 8 PM

Contact: +971-6-5580222

Entry Fee: Adults (13+) – AED 10|Kids (2 -12 years) – AED 5|Kids (under 2 years) – Free




First 10K run? Ready, Set, Go!

Have you always had “Complete a 10K Marathon” in that wish list of yours which is hanging on that pretty wall? And it’s been there since quite some time because you aren’t sure on how to prepare for it? Numerous (and bizarre) questions might be popping and floating in your head: How is it going to be? Will I be able to finish it? What if I faint? What if I feel like giving up? What if I am the only one left behind?

STOP! Calm down.

This article will guide you on how you can successfully finish your first 10K run (and still stay in one piece at the end of it).

First and foremost, you need to identify the event you want to register yourself for. Websites like Premier Online and Hopasports have a list of interesting events in varied categories that you can explore and gather information on. Look for something that’s seems well organized and decently priced.


The average price range for registration is 100 – 250 AED, depending on the location and type of event. This usually includes the medal, live tracker, goodie bag, etc.

The idea is to register beforehand and to register with a friend if possible so that you don’t back out! Yes, those thoughts creep in when you are awake in your bed at 3am the night before the run. Solution? Just shush your mind and go to sleep. (And no you aren’t in love, it’s just anxiety that’s keeping you awake).


You can start with brisk walks and quick jogs to prepare yourself before the event. If you are able to start your preps even a month before the event, that’s good enough.

Apart from getting proper rest the night before, choose super comfortable shoes and clothes for the event.

If you usually have a heavy breakfast every morning, you can munch on a handful of nuts and grab a banana which will keep you full but will give you a boost of energy at the same time. On the other hand, if you are not a breakfast lover, the ideal scenario would be to just grab a quick black coffee and go for the run. During the run, your body will automatically switch to consuming fat which will provide you with a turbo boost.


imageThe idea is to just keep going, it doesn’t matter how fast or slow you are. Since it’s your first time, the only thing that matters is reaching that glorious finish line.

Ensure that you grab water or electrolytes from the refill stations which are usually arranged along the course of the run and keep yourself hydrated. Some events also giveaway energy gels at the refill stations or include it in your race pack beforehand.


First of all, congratulate and pat yourself on the back for making it through! Now you can go ahead and take those fascinating pictures with your finisher medal.


Try to shower with chilled water (yes, however horrifying that sounds) after the run as it expedites muscle recovery. And ensure that you get proper rest and great food in your belly.

Apart from the pretty shiny medal, the feeling you get once you reach the finish line after that hard work and sweat (quite literally), makes it all worthwhile.

TIP: Plan a satisfying victory meal with your friends beforehand. So that you can start looking forward to it as the date of the event approaches!

PSST….PSST…..Yes you. Don’t forget to smile for the photo when you reach the finish line.

Check out Premier Online and Hopasports to register yourself!

Excited for your first marathon? READY, SET, GO!





Where to Eat During the Day in Dubai’s Ramadan?


As Ramadan is round the corner, we wanted to share with you locations of restaurants that are open during the day for those who are not fasting, categorized by area:



1 – Aqua
 JW Marriott Marquis Hotel Dubai

2 – Bridgewater Tavern
 JW Marriott Marquis Hotel Dubai

3 – Brothaus Bakery – Bistro
 Steigenberger Hotel – Business Bay, Business Bay 

4 – Kitchen6
 JW Marriott Marquis Hotel Dubai, Sheikh Zayed Road 

5 – La Farine Café & Bakery
 JW Marriott Marquis Hotel Dubai

6 – Le Petit Belge
 DoubleTree by Hilton Dubai – Business Bay, Business Bay 

Dubai Marina


7 – 1762 Stripped
 The 1 Building, JLT 

8 – 800 Thali
Cluster B, JLT 

9 – Baldwin Café
 Gold Crest Views, Cluster V, JLT 

10 – Café Isan
 Cluster M, Jumeirah Lake Towers

11 – Couqley
Cluster A, Jumeirah Lakes Towes

12 – Costa
All locations

13 – Hako Sushi
 Cluster I, JLT 

14 – Jazz@PizzaExpress
 Cluster A, JLT 

15 – Just Salad
Indigo Tower, Cluster D 

16 – Kteer Tayyeb
Palladium Towers, Cluster C 

17 – La Terrazza
Almas Tower, JLT 

18 – Le Petit Belge
Pullman Dubai Jumeirah Lakes Towers, Jumeirah Lakes Towers

19 – McGettigan’s JLT
 Cluster J 

20 – Mezza Lebanese Kitchen
 Lake Shore Tower, Cluster Y 

21 – Nosh
Mövenpick Hotel Jumeirah Lakes Towers, Cluster A

22 – Pineapple Express Café
Almas Tower, JLT 

23 – Public
Lake Plaza Tower, Cluster T 

24 – Sheikh & Shake
Mag Tower, Cluster R

25 – Spice Kraft
Platinum Tower, Cluster I 

26 – Sukh Sagar
Almas Tower 

27 – White Ambient
Saba Tower 1, Cluster E

28 – Vietnamese Foodies
 Cluster D, Jumeirah Lakes Towers 

29 – 77 Veggie Boutique
Tiffany Tower, Cluster W 

1200px-Deira_SkylineDEIRA AND GARHOUD

30 – Medley Restaurant
Pullman Dubai Creek City Centre, Deira 

31 – Sonamu
Asiana Hotel Dubai, Al Muraqqabat, Deira 

32 – Boardwalk
Dubai Creek Golf & Yacht Club, Deira

33 – Anise
InterContinental Dubai Festival City 

34 – Hard Rock Cafe
Dubai Festival Centre 

35 – Nomad
 Jumeirah Creekside Hotel, Al Garhoud 

36 – Plumeria
Jumeirah Creekside Hotel, Al Garhoud 


37 – 1762
Building 5, The Balcony Level 1, DIFC

38 – Al Mandaloun
Building 3, DIFC 

39 – Bateel
Building 2, DIFC 

40 – Boca
Gate Village 6, DIFC 

41 – Burger & Lobster
 Burj Daman, DIFC 

42 – Carnival by Trèsind
Burj Daman, DIFC 

43 – Cipriani Dubai
Gate Village 10 

44 – Dusty’s
Al Fattan Currency House, DIFC

45 – Gaucho
Gate Village 05, DIFC 

46 – Intersect by Lexus
Gate Village Building 7, DIFC

47 – Pret To Go
Gate 5, Marble Walk 

48 – Ravioli & Co.
Burj Daman Building, DIFC 

49 – Royal China
Precinct Building 4 

50 – Scotta Espresso Bar
Burj Daman Building 

51 – Taqado Mexican Kitchen
 Gate 5, Marble Walk 

52 – Zuma
Gate Village 6 


53 – Almayass
Sofitel Dubai Downtown, Downtown Dubai 

54 – Armani/Deli
Burj Khalifa, Downtown Dubai

55 – At.mosphere
Burj Khalifa, Downtown Dubai 

56 – Baker & Spice
 Souk Al Manzil, Downtown Dubai 

57 – Clinton St. Baking Company
Burj Views, Downtown Dubai 

58 – Ewaan
Palace Downtown, Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard +

59 – Ting Irie
OSouk Al Manzil, Downtown Dubai 

60 – The Restaurant at Address
 Address Boulevard 

61 – The Daily
Rove Downtown, Downtown Dubai



62 – Al Maeda
DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Dubai Jumeirah Beach, Dubai Marina 

63 – eggspectation
JBR, Dubai Marina 

64 – Accents Restaurant & Terrace
InterContinental Dubai Marina, Dubai Marina

65. Andreea’s
 Habtoor Grand Resort, Autograph Collection, Dubai Marina 

66 – Baker & Spice
Marina Promenade, Dubai Marina 

67 – Bistro Des Arts
Dubai Marina Promenade, Marina Mall, Dubai Marina 

68 – Blue Orange
The Westin Mina Seyahi Beach Resort and Marina, King Salman Bin Abdulaziz Al Saud Street 

69 – Bussola
The Westin Dubai Mina Seyahi, King Abdulaziz Bin Salman Al Saud Street 

70 – Cargo
Pier 7, Dubai Marina 

71 – Gastro Kitchen
DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Dubai Jumeirah Beach, Dubai Marina .

72 – Gourmet by Kcal
Le Méridien Mina Seyahi Beach Resort and Marina, King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud Street 

73 – Latest Recipe
Le Méridien Mina Seyahi Beach Resort and Marina, King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud Street 

74 – Nell Gwynn
Byblos Hotel, Dubai Marina

75 – Shades
Address Dubai Marina 

76 – Shores
Ramada Plaza, Jumeirah Beach Residence 

77 – SushiArt
The Beach, JBR 

78- The MAINE Oyster Bar & Grill
DoubleTree By Hilton Hotel, JBR

79 – The Scene by Simon Rimmer
Pier 7, Dubai Marina 

80 – Tribeca Kitchen & Bar
JA Ocean View Hotel, The Walk, JBR

May the spirit of Ramadan bless you with prosperity, wealth and happiness in life. Wishing all of you Ramadan Kareem from the SNAPR Zone Team.



Where Breakfast meets Lunch at Kempinski Ajman…

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Is this really true on weekends though? Breakfast is out and brunch is in now.  Brunch has replaced the traditional 3 meals a day concept on weekends in the region. 11 am- 4 pm is the time you eat and drink your heart out until you cannot move and probably need to be dragged and rolled back to your car or jump into the closest pool with your heavy bloated belly. I am sure most of us have atleast once in our eating lives, stayed for a buffet from the time it opens or even before it opens until closing time. Well, I do it every single time, why leave when food is waiting to be eaten? Probably, will stop doing that when they kick me out I suppose or maybe not….

Kempinski Ajman is one of the oldest hotels in Ajman across the water. The Friday Garden Brunch is the most popular brunch in the Emirate. It is spread across  the garden overlooking the beach.  The brunch is a combination of 3 of their restaurants to bring fusion to the cuisine. They had live music starting at 12:30 PM. The brunch was widespread across a variety of cuisines: Arabic, Italian, Asian, Indian and Barbecue. The Italian and Indian stations were inside while the Arabic, Asian and barbecue were outside facing the garden.

AGDCE4387[1]The Arabic live station had on the spot hot bread made in front of you with the stuffing of your choice, cheese, labneh, beef, chicken shawarma. With the aroma of hot, hot, fresh bread with the filling of your choice, melting on the tandoor right there in front of your eyes definitely wakes you up even if you are in a deep sleep!


The Asian stir fried or steamed noodles stall had a variety of savoury sauces, vegetables, shrimps, prawns, and meat options to enhance the flavour as per your taste buds. The noodles were served with chopsticks keeping the ancient tradition in mind and encouraging people to try them out.


The Indian corner was really cute, had tiny delicious mouth watering Aloo Samosas in mini shopping carts with chutney almost dripping to the crust of the samosa. The Dal Bukhara was served in small buckets along with Sev Puri Chaat in a mini frying pan. The chaat was a little dry probably because it was out in the sun for a long time.

They also served Chaas (Butter Milk) and Mango Lassi (Yoghurt Drink) in tiny glasses. Keeping the portions small was a smart idea, in order for all the dishes to be tried and tasted. Both the drinks were perfectly blended in the right proportion, exactly like how you would expect in any “Dhaaba” in India.



The Italian corner had a live Pasta stall where the pasta was made from scratch. It was mesmerizing to see the chef prepare the pastas the way we want! We tried the creamy cheesy white sauce with the seafood toppings and freshly made spaghetti.


The Barbecue section at the garden was undoubtedly, the most crowded live station with live grills preparing your meal so that they are piping hot and on the spot!

There were several options to choose from a mini open cupboard with various compartments. The dishes were mainly pertaining to seafood and chicken.


And well lets come to my favourite part of any buffet…DESSERT!!!! The variety was superb, there was a fair mix between chocolate and fruity flavours. The desserts included tarts, cakes, brownies, ice creams of all sorts with a fried ice cream live counter, lollipops, chocolate dates, mousses and souffles.


Overall, it was a great brunch experience, completely lightens your weekend and makes your tummy really really happy and really really full!

Timings: Fridays from 1:00pm to 4:00pm


  • Brunch with soft drinks | AED 185
  • Brunch with selected house beverages | AED 210
  • Beach & Brunch with soft drinks | AED 250
  • Beach, Brunch & Selected house Beverages | AED 290



Smashroom – Where Vandalism is legal…

Do you have alarm bells go off in your head and fret about getting older? Well, we definitely do! And if you’re anything like us, then we’ve found you a perfect place to let that steam off. 💨

It was our beloved team member Avinash’s 25th Birthday and we decided to celebrate the occasion at Smashroom, the newest recreational spot in town creating all the buzz. 🛠

We have always seen in movies and tv shows where some character goes berserk and stars hurling stuff across the room either in frustration or during a fight scene. And if you say you never wished you could do it too, then you would be lying to yourself. 🤷🏻‍♀️

As the name suggests, Smashroom is a place for you to let all your frustration out and smash your way through cups, plates, TV’s, printers and other electronic items. The thrill of using a weapon of your choice (hammer, iron rods, axe, bats) to crush something that was once whole into tiny pieces gives you a crazy adrenaline rush.

img_2437.jpgIt’s a perfect place to absolutely lose your cool on anything that drives you mad, be it an irritating boss, your daily pet peeves, or just the ordinary Monday blues! While this whole experience may seem catastrophically violent, believe us when we say this-by the end of your session, most of your anger will just turn into a deep breath which you exhale.

Even if you don’t have any pent up stress in you, the mere exercise of breaking things against a wall is exciting. By the end of your session you’ll be drenched in sweat. We recommend you to feel free to bring out your dramatic flair, just like how they do it in movies 🎬😉

Here’s some more information about The Smash Room:

Each session lasts for about 25 minutes. If you’re a bigger group like we were, the packages offered to you may be a little different, so you can reach out to them to get a more exact rate.

Here are the packages that they offer:

Screen Shot 2018-04-17 at 16.08.57.png

The entire team was made aware of the surprise that we planned and the staff there  (Big 🙌🏻 to Jessica and team) made a fabulous effort of making it a great event and made sure all of our needs were met. They also laid out a great spread of refreshments and snacks for us to re-energize.


SNAPR Tip: Our recommendation is to wear jeans/ sports wear, closed shoes and also a full sleeve t-shirt (not mandatory by smashroom) to avoid hurting yourself. The staff does provide you with overalls, safety gloves and hard hats. The overalls only protect your clothes from dust but do not protect you from cutting yourself. Further, it does get pretty hot and sticky inside the overalls after all the smashing and huffing and puffing, so carrying a pair of clothes to change into would help as well.

If noise pollution is not a problem for you and pressures of life take a toll on you…smashroom is a must go!

Details: The Smashroom DXB
Telephone: 04-3397810
Website: https://www.thesmashroom.ae


On a roll!

We’ve been venturing out to a lot of Indian Cuisine lately and we stumbled upon “Roti Rollers” for a quick bite one evening. Roti Rollers is an Indian fusion urban street food concept that is very evident by the interiors and the ambience of the place.

They majorly serve wraps in Indian bread, natively called “Roti”, hence the name: Roti Rollers. Now for the health freaks, you can substitute this for Quinoa or Salad Bowls; so you’re covered and for the rice lovers you can switch this for Biryani or Pulao.

You can either go for their signature flavours and customise them or build your own which is quite a fun exercise. We visited the branch in Dar Al Wasl, a small little outlet which accommodates a few  tables. A new 100 seater branch in La Mer is also up and running!

Quick Tip:Ask your server to taste their variety of sauces. They tend to have sauces not on their menu as well.
Sameer from Roti Rollers was a gem of a person and helped us guide our way around the menu and pick the right combination of sauces and fillings to our likings.

If you are a person who would love to see your meal getting cooked, this would be the perfect place as the cooking and serving is done right in front of your eyes!


Our Order

It took us quite a while to understand the menu and place the order luckily it was a quiet evening so we could take our sweet time. If you order a combo, it comes with a beverage, a side, roti crisps and a few dips which is very filling for one person no matter how big the appetite.

Signature Roll: Hen Stefani [AED 34]


This wrap is perfect for people who love chicken but hate spicy food. With it’s combination of emmental cheese, mayo and “indie” guacamole, this creamy-trinity wrap not only reminds you of the carbs you’ll gain but also reminds you of how good and crave-friendly malai kebabs can actually be. However, if you do need that pickle-level spice in your life which makes you cry out happy tears, then this roll may not be the one for you.

Build your own: Tandoori Prawn [AED 60]


Seafood lovers, this is your holy grail! Paired with whole wheat roti (tried to be healthy) and stuffed with prawns tossed in tandoori masala, onions, red cabbage, coriander and garlic and to spice things up it had chimmicurri and red chilli and fennel sauce! We still can’t get over the zing the combination wrap had to it. The combo meal included roti crisps, tangy masala fries, salsa and Indian chutney.

Spicy Cheese Toast [AED 20]


Now who doesn’t love cheese? If there’s a cheese grill on the menu, we’re ordering it. The chilli flakes with the classic cheese grill was a good surprise but the sandwich was moist in texture and could have been a little more crisp.


Salted Caramel Date Lassi [AED 14]

We were so intrigued to see a combination of salted caramel and date on the menu put together in a LASSI! It felt like a true calling being a Lotus lover Indian Kid living in Dubai. Unfortunately it was really dissappointing. There was too much date and barely any salted caramel. The beverage had too much texture in it.

Mango Lassi [AED 20] 

This sweet combination of the taste of mango and the traditional punjabi sweet lassi, was a real winner!! It’s one of the best Mango Lassi’s we have ever had. We recommend all visitors to give it a try!

Truck Driver’s Chai [AED 9]  

We’re crazy about chai (tea) so it had to be a part of our order. Nothing out of the oridinary served but it was definitely good chai! Whether we want to pay AED 9 for a cup of chai is questionable.

Ever since the launch of their new outlet at La Mer, they have introduced many more items on their menu. We wouldn’t go as far to say that Roti Rollers is a unique experience, but it for sure has some really interesting flavours to play around with.

Contact Details:

Open 11am – 12 midnight
04 3450761

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Location: Unit 70, Dar Wasl, Al Wasl Road, Al Safa, Dubai


Is UAE the new hub for comedy?

Those who know me, know that I’m a sucker for stand up comedy. I love the idea of paying to get my funny bone tickled leaving behind all the worries and problems in the world behind. UAE has become such a great hub for stand-up shows in the past 2 years. From international comedians like Russel Peters, Vir Das and Trevor Noah to up and coming comics based out of India – UAE has hosted them all.

The latter is particularly becoming a trend here in Dubai and Abu Dhabi  which is obvious since more than 20 Indian comics have performed in the country in the past year! That’s a LOT of comedy!
This has also branched out to entertainment companies specialising in hosting these shows like comic-on nights (a sister firm of Aish outt Productions), Vdesi laughs and Hustle Entertainment. There are other companies which have added comedy as an added division. This has also led to a lot of open mic nights curating some great local talent. The industry is getting some presence in the region.

(P.S heres a little sneak peak of my obsession with stand up comedy)


Hustle Entertainment in particular hosts their Laughathon series annually. There are usually multiple shows spread across the middle of the year with one show in each month. This year they kicked of their second season with Abishek Upmanyu’s “Thoda Saaf Bol” special earlier in March. (which was super hilarious btw!)

The second show of the season features the guitar playing boy next door who likes chai and dosas – Kenny Sebastian and Sumukhi Suresh – female comic who is well known for her quirky comebacks in her short segments called Behti Naak. Both comics now have their own web series on Amazon Prime. Kenny Sebastian stars in ‘Die Trying’ where he plays a musician just trying to make it in the music biz with his best bud. Sumukhi Suresh plays a hilarious woman who leaves everything behind to stalk her crush in her award winning series ‘Pushpavalli’

The two brilliant comics perform on 14th April at Hustle Entertainment’s Laughathon 2.0 in DUCTAC, Mall of the Emirates. Tickets are priced from AED 150 and you can buy them here. 


You can also win 2 Gold tickets to the show. Simply enter your details below and participate on our Instagram page as well to increase your chances. Winners will be announced and contacted on 11th April 2018.




Kasbah: Rooftop Lounge with an Emoji Menu!

Emoji’s have conquered every emotion and expression in our lives and now they’ve even paved their way into food menus!! Yes, you read that absolutely right!

We were recently invited to Kasbah the Rooftop, a newly opened rooftop lounge in Jadaf. The lounge and cafe is very well designed to accomodate you in all weather conditions, be it summer or winter. It is has a part indoor and part outdoor facility. The outdoor seating is stunning with the seating surrounding a beautiful pool with breathtaking views of the Dubai Skyline which looks gorgeous with the backdrop of sunset horizon. Even after sundown, the place is lit with ambient lights to set your mood for a relaxed evening.

IMG_0210 copy

Apart from a great ambience, the place even has live music on some evenings and also serves Shisha and alcoholic beverages. More importantly, it serves a selection of some really interesting and delicious food. The menu is designed around quirky names for each of the items on their menu and an associated custom Emoji. Just take a look at how cute these are!

Chef Tarun Panjwani has done a brilliant job by bringing in an innovative twist to the already popular Indian Street Food or Indian Chaat by combining unique ingredients and presenting them in an appetizing manner along with fun and quirky names which immediately make you curious to try them out.

Following are some of the items that we tried:

  1. Heart Beet: Beetroot and cream cheese shaped like a heart, breaded and fried to perfection. This combination was unexpectedly delicious and we were left wanting for more!
  2. Teri Chicken Ke Balls: Chicken balls stir fried in delicious teriyaki sauce. Teriyaki tossed meats usually tend to be sweet but this was really well rounded with a nice balance between sweet and spicy.
  3. Raj Ki Kaun?: This dish’s presentation was as quirky as it’s name. It’s a play on Raj Kachori ( a popular Indian Street Food) served in a wheat flour cone with a potato and peas filling.
  4. Bombay Bombs: The very popular Vada Pav from Mumbai has been presented as stuffed breaded mini – balls baked in a Tandoor (Traditional Clay Oven). We loved how these maintained the original taste of the traditonal Vada Pav and exploded delicious flavors at each bite.
  5. Thick Thighs and Extra Shroom Fries: Fried Portobello Mushrooms served with Mayo-Mustard dip. The fries were delicious just by themselves and also pairs really well with the dip which tasted a lot like the Indian Kadhi
  6. Call-it-a-Flower: The chef surely loves puns as much as we do. Skewered Cauliflower and Broccoli florets which were marinated and barbecued to perfection were presented with a bunch of flowers. If you had to ask me, this is a much better way to impress your beloved than a plain bunch of flowers he or she can’t even eat!
  7. As Warm as toast: Pepper chicken enclosed in a little tiny bun which was so adorbaly presented. It was creamy and delicious but in comparison to the other items on the menu would probably not be our first choice.
  8. Dabizza: The dish is supposed to be a Dabeli (Gujarati version of a Burger) turned into Pizza. However we’d say it’s a unique and a surprisingly delicious combination of Sev Puri and Pizza. It’s a must try!
  9. Mojito: This one was a simple mocktail. But who said simple and sticking to basics isn’t good?
  10. Daily Bailey: Hands down, one of the most moist, delicious and chocolate-y cakes I have had in a very long time. I am ready to have this DAILY.
  11. That’s How We Roll: This has to be the most unique and the very best pick from everything that we tried for the day. This is the Shrikhand (Sweetened Hung Yogurt) and Red Velvet Cake rolled into one served with Bubble Gum Ice Cream. So different and yet SO Delicious! The fruity flavours played so nicely with the red velvet and shrikhand combo! Definitely not to be missed.

Overall, Kasbah the Rooftop is very promising in terms of being your next regular hang-out spot to unwind with a bunch of friends. And if you like Indian Food as much as we do, you’re going to love their unique menu.

Managed by award winning entertainment company Deja Vu Dxb, Kasbah also has live music every Tuesday and a fantastic ladies night offering complimentary drinks and shisha every Wednesday.

Written by: Rujuta Shah, Saher Meeran and Nishtha Rajan

Contact Information:

Phone Number: +971-4-2753187

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