Kasbah: Rooftop Lounge with an Emoji Menu!

Emoji’s have conquered every emotion and expression in our lives and now they’ve even paved their way into food menus!! Yes, you read that absolutely right!

We were recently invited to Kasbah the Rooftop, a newly opened rooftop lounge in Jadaf. The lounge and cafe is very well designed to accomodate you in all weather conditions, be it summer or winter. It is has a part indoor and part outdoor facility. The outdoor seating is stunning with the seating surrounding a beautiful pool with breathtaking views of the Dubai Skyline which looks gorgeous with the backdrop of sunset horizon. Even after sundown, the place is lit with ambient lights to set your mood for a relaxed evening.

IMG_0210 copy

Apart from a great ambience, the place even has live music on some evenings and also serves Shisha and alcoholic beverages. More importantly, it serves a selection of some really interesting and delicious food. The menu is designed around quirky names for each of the items on their menu and an associated custom Emoji. Just take a look at how cute these are!

Chef Tarun Panjwani has done a brilliant job by bringing in an innovative twist to the already popular Indian Street Food or Indian Chaat by combining unique ingredients and presenting them in an appetizing manner along with fun and quirky names which immediately make you curious to try them out.

Following are some of the items that we tried:

  1. Heart Beet: Beetroot and cream cheese shaped like a heart, breaded and fried to perfection. This combination was unexpectedly delicious and we were left wanting for more!
  2. Teri Chicken Ke Balls: Chicken balls stir fried in delicious teriyaki sauce. Teriyaki tossed meats usually tend to be sweet but this was really well rounded with a nice balance between sweet and spicy.
  3. Raj Ki Kaun?: This dish’s presentation was as quirky as it’s name. It’s a play on Raj Kachori ( a popular Indian Street Food) served in a wheat flour cone with a potato and peas filling.
  4. Bombay Bombs: The very popular Vada Pav from Mumbai has been presented as stuffed breaded mini – balls baked in a Tandoor (Traditional Clay Oven). We loved how these maintained the original taste of the traditonal Vada Pav and exploded delicious flavors at each bite.
  5. Thick Thighs and Extra Shroom Fries: Fried Portobello Mushrooms served with Mayo-Mustard dip. The fries were delicious just by themselves and also pairs really well with the dip which tasted a lot like the Indian Kadhi
  6. Call-it-a-Flower: The chef surely loves puns as much as we do. Skewered Cauliflower and Broccoli florets which were marinated and barbecued to perfection were presented with a bunch of flowers. If you had to ask me, this is a much better way to impress your beloved than a plain bunch of flowers he or she can’t even eat!
  7. As Warm as toast: Pepper chicken enclosed in a little tiny bun which was so adorbaly presented. It was creamy and delicious but in comparison to the other items on the menu would probably not be our first choice.
  8. Dabizza: The dish is supposed to be a Dabeli (Gujarati version of a Burger) turned into Pizza. However we’d say it’s a unique and a surprisingly delicious combination of Sev Puri and Pizza. It’s a must try!
  9. Mojito: This one was a simple mocktail. But who said simple and sticking to basics isn’t good?
  10. Daily Bailey: Hands down, one of the most moist, delicious and chocolate-y cakes I have had in a very long time. I am ready to have this DAILY.
  11. That’s How We Roll: This has to be the most unique and the very best pick from everything that we tried for the day. This is the Shrikhand (Sweetened Hung Yogurt) and Red Velvet Cake rolled into one served with Bubble Gum Ice Cream. So different and yet SO Delicious! The fruity flavours played so nicely with the red velvet and shrikhand combo! Definitely not to be missed.

Overall, Kasbah the Rooftop is very promising in terms of being your next regular hang-out spot to unwind with a bunch of friends. And if you like Indian Food as much as we do, you’re going to love their unique menu.

Managed by award winning entertainment company Deja Vu Dxb, Kasbah also has live music every Tuesday and a fantastic ladies night offering complimentary drinks and shisha every Wednesday.

Written by: Rujuta Shah, Saher Meeran and Nishtha Rajan


Contact Information:

Phone Number: +971-4-2753187

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Exclusive Dog Park in Dubai to cure your furry friend’s blues

In recent times very few locations in the UAE allow for you to take your furry little pet out in the open. This includes public parks and even camping spots like Al Qudra. Introducing  “Bark Park” the first ever park dedicated to Dogs.

It all started when Jan Leitch adopted Asal, a Saluki who was temperamental and had no open space to run around. This problem turned into an idea and now BarkPark is a playground for many dogs accross the UAE.

Aurelie Walder photographer, aureliewalder.com, photos@aureliewalder.com

Meet Asal the inventor (source: barkparkdubai.com)


Lucky for us, our friend Pluto gave us a little tour of “Bark Park”, a 3.5 acre enclosed desert farm dedicated for all dogs big and small to come and play. Apart from ample place to run around. They have cooldown pools, drinking water, fun agility equipment, shade and segregated areas for small and for large dogs

It’s not only a great place for your dogs and pups but also a great place for dog owners, especially for first time dog owners to meet and mingle with the others. The park has a shaded area for the dog owners to sit and they have a little snack corner always stocked up for you to relish with an honesty jar, a pay if you can sort of a system.




Source: facebook.com/barkparkdubai

Weekdays (Sun, Tue, Wed, Thurs) AED 30 and AED 20 for each accompanying dog (if you have multiple dogs)
Weekends (Fri, Sat) – AED 65 and AED 40 for each accompanying dog (if you have multiple dogs)
You can also opt for a membership plan which gives you and your dog(s) unlimited access to the park:
Annual Membership: AED 1800
Half Yearly Membership: AED 1300
Monthly Membership: AED 250




Entry Requirements:   [Taken from Barkparkdubai.com]

Vaccinations: All dogs must have current vaccinations for Rabies, & DHPPL (Distemper, Hepatitis, Para influenza, Parvovirus & Leptospirosis). Vaccination certificates must be presented and will be checked. If your dog has not completed their vaccinations at least 72 hours before coming to BarkPark they will not be allowed entry.

Flea, Tick & Worm Control: They also require that your dog should be up to date on their flea, tick & worm control.

Registration: All dogs must be microchipped, & if from Dubai, be registered with Dubai Municipality and wear their municipality ID tag on their collar at all times.

Personal ID: Owners are also requested to provide their personal Emirates ID upon registration.

In the cooler months (Nov – April), Bark Park is open from 7.00am – 7.00pm on weekends and 10.00am & 3.00pm – 8.00pm on weekdays.
In the warmer months, Bark Park is open from 5.00am-8.00am & 5.00pm – 10.00pm.
Closed on Mondays.



Kris With a View

Are you looking for having a romantic time with your loved one? Kris with a View can be your answer to that.

This is one of the classier romantic restaurants in town. The restaurant is set up in a way which makes one feel special. The dim lights and live music add-on to the ambiance of this restaurant. The restaurant is located on the 19th floor and hence, gives an extraordinary view of old Dubai.

The restaurant specializes in Thai, Chinese and Indian cuisine dishes. Our team got an opportunity to visit this place through an event hosted by Zomato. Below is an insight of our visit:
Wine Tasting
We tasted four different types of wine. Two of each red and white wine.
As red wine lovers, we really loved the Rosemount Estate Merlot which originates from Australia which goes perfectly well with goat cheese on the side.
 It is a must try at their gorgeous bar.
Starters, Fondue and Desserts
Our food tasting started with a selection of crudities and cheese along with a couple of starters such as:
  • Thai Crispy Prawn – Top Non-Veg pick
  • Tandoori Chicken Katti Roll – A tad bit dry
  • Zaafrani Paneer – Well flavored
  • Szechuan Tofu – Interesting flavors for Tofu
  • Shammi Kofta –  Lacked the right spices
  • Tongkarashi and Wasabi Fries – Top Veg pick
The veg and chicken fondue are a speciality at this restaurant and we were more than delighted to try both of them.
IMG_2067 3.JPG
The fondue included a pot of hot flavored olive oil in which you are required to cook the various items. The reason why this is interesting, especially for the non veg items is because the marinated flavors are slow cooked to perfection.
The veg options were very basic as it included only veggies without any pre-flavoring, the only flavoring they had was the oil in which they were cooked.
For dessert, we got to try the DIY Truffle Palette. It comes with chocolate and vanilla truffles which can be filled with chocolate, passion fruit or strawberry filling.
After filling the truffles, you dip them in melted chocolate and roll them in your favorite topping. This was fun to create and to satisfy our sweet tooth since we got to explore various combinations.
IMG_5132 2.JPG
Overall, this restaurant is worth a shot since it offers multiple cuisines, live music, brunch, full bar, buffet and a panoramic view of the city.
Contact Information
Tel: 045509208
Website: http://www.kris.ae
<a href=”https://www.zomato.com/dubai/kris-with-a-view-park-regis-kris-kin-hotel-al-karama&#8221; title=”View Menu, Reviews, Photos & Information about Kris With A View – Park Regis Kris Kin Hotel, Al Karama and other Restaurants in Dubai” target=”_blank”><img alt=”Kris With A View – Park Regis Kris Kin Hotel Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info – Zomato” src=”https://www.zomato.com/logo/204448/minilink&#8221; style=”border:none;width:130px;height:36px;padding:0px;” />


Let’s Play Holi! (Giveaway Alert!!!)

Holi, also known as the festival of colours” is a traditional hindu festival that marks the beginning of spring. The festival also signifies the victory of good over evil. It encourages and reminds people to live, laugh, forgive and forget and celebrate with joy and happiness with your family and friends, near and dear.


Source: smithsonianmag.com

The festival is best known for the powder or “Gulal” that people throw on each other. While that’s common knowledge what most people don’t know is that the four basic colors of the Gulal symbolises a feature. Red reflects love and fertility, blue is the colour of Lord Krishna, yellow is the colour of turmeric and green symbolises spring and new beginnings.

SO What’s Happening This Holi?

Holi is popularly celebrated all across UAE by residents of all religions and cultures. There are a whole bunch of events happening but we’d like to draw your attention to one such event. The Holi Hungama 2018! 

Novo Events, brings to you the ultimate Holi Madness on the 2nd of March. The event is headlined by none other than Diljit Dosanjh alongside some great local Djs.



Tickets are on sale for AED 80 (Single), AED 120 (Couple) and AED 250 (Family, 5 members) and are available at platinumlist.net

About Diljit Dosanjh: Indian actor, singer, television presenter and social media celebrity who works in Punjabi and Hindi cinema. He is recognised as one of the leading artists in the Punjabi music industry. Among his many songs stick with us the most popular ones: Do you Know, Laembadgini, Move your Lakk and many more.

But now that you’re here we’d like to give you a chance to WIN FREE TICKETS and party with Diljit Dosanjh. Fill out the form below and to increase your chances to win,  Click Here and enter our giveaway on our instagram. Contest is open to UAE residents only. 

Don’t get lost on the way to the event, here is the location:


4 day Istanbul Experience (Itinerary included)

While planning my 4 days in Istanbul, I was faced with comments like “not enough days”, “what will you do only for 4 days” etc.

Earlier in November of 2017, I took a mother-daughter trip to Istanbul. This was the first time I had booked and planned a whole trip all by myself without my family’s help (adult life 😢). It was exhilarating and worth it. If you’d like the itinerary, scroll below to get a pdf! You’re Welcome! 🙂

I travelled in November, so weather was between 10 – 14 degrees celsius, a great escape from the 30 degree weather in the UAE. However a regular hoodie worked just fine for me while my bud carried a winter coat to keep herself warm, so pack wisely for your chilly needs.

Visa: If you’re already holding valid visa or a residence permit from one of the Schengen Countries, USA, UK or Ireland, GOOD NEWS! you can simply apply online, submit your documents and VOILA! pay for your visa and download it. The e-visa roughly costs AED 180 per visa.
If you’re still confused you can click here, submit your nationality details and you’ll get a list of prerequisites for the e-visa. 

If you aren’t eligible for the e-visa then you will have to apply through VFS who is appointed partner by the embassy of Turkey. This process is of course time-consuming and costlier.

My bookings:

I booked my trip using Holiday Factory, again the first time using a deal package. I am super impressed with how well-organised everything was. We got a great package for 4 nights at a 5-star hotel, low-cost flight, airport transfer (in Istanbul) and travel insurance for AED 1700

We flew to Istanbul with fly Dubai and stayed at the Wyndham Istanbul Old City (Courtesy Holiday Factory). The hotel was centrally located and was between 5  to 13 mins tram ride away from all the tourist spots making life so much easier!

IMG_5309 copy
On day one we explored the area around our hotel and headed down to Eminonou – A port area where all the ferries arrived and departed from. The area around the port is beautiful with restaurants, food carts, fishermen and fantastic views everywhere.

From Eminonou, only a 5 minute walk was the Spice Bazaar. At this point I’d like to point out that the hospitality at Istanbul is nothing like I’ve ever seen before. Every shopkeeper will call you to have tea, turkish delight and a fun conversation. Hecklers – almost none. The spice Bazaar is gushing and buzzing with not only spices and teas but also coffee, jewellery, rugs, shawls and everything else you wouldn’t imagine a spice bazaar to have for sale.

IMG_6061 copy

On day two we hopped on a ferry from Eminonou and sailed to the Heybeliada, one of the 9 princess islands in Istanbul. The Ferries are comfortable and are equipped with a restroom and a snack bar. To prepare for your trip you can check your timings in advance but I would also recommend re-checking them when you arrive at Istanbul. In the 90 minute ferry ride, our eyes were delighted with European style scenic views on all four corners.



Heybeliada is just like any other princess island that has a no-car policy. The entire town functions on bikes and horse carts. There’s not much to do on the island except take a horse cart tour around the island. But if you’re up for a hike you can walk all the way up and enjoy the scenic views. You can check out the ferry timings here.

On day three we explored the arena of culture – Sultanahmet. With a few minutes walk away from the tram station stands the home of grace, the Blue Mosque. Apart from intricate architecture, you will be able to witness peace inside the mosque. While visiting the mosque be sure to take note of the prayer timings – the mosque closes 30 minutes before the prayer time.


A 5 minute walk from the Blue Mosque is the Topkapi Palace. Tickets to the palace costs 40 TL and is worth every penny. The palace was built-in 1478 and was turned into a museum in 1924. The palace has various courts you can visit, each one is used for a different purpose. Its rich with Ottoman as well as Islamic history. In the palace lies remains of the Prophets and their acquaintances which is a sight for the sore eyes. Outside of the palace will be many freelance tour guides that will try to engage you into hiring them but our suggestion would be to just buy the audio guide for 20TL. One of the highlights of the palace is the “Iftar Pavillion” where the Sultans would typically break their fast in the month of Ramadan. It has a breathtaking view of the city.

We also went aboard the amazing Bosphorus cruise. We took a short cruise for which tickets go for 20-25 TL per person and you can buy your ticket from either Eminonou or Sultanahmet. We just took our tour from Sultanahmet right by Topkapi Palace. You wont find any trouble buying one as there are sales people walking all around the city offering cruises. The cruise takes you around to both the European and the Asian side of Istanbul for about 2 hours. Although you can’t get off the ferry, you will be able to witness some beautiful sights including the Galata Bridge.

On day 4 We did nothing but shopped till we dropped (Rather till it was time for us to leave for our flight) and also ate. We went back to Spice Bazaar and moved on Taksimand the much talked about Grand Bazaar. Mark your entry and your exit points at this Bazaar. I MEAN IT! There are over 4000 shops spread across 61 streets getting lost is a piece of cake. And talking about cake, my biggest advise will be not to go Istanbul while on a diet. There are tons of places to eat, dessert places in particular. Give your tummy the yummy it deserves, people! Theres Turkish Delight & Baklava everywhere and apart from that there’s the kababs, the ice cream and so much more.

Although our four-day trip to the Istanbul only covers the bare minimum, it’s great for a long weekend or a quick getaway from the hassles of life and explore culture. Last couple of tips, keep your belongings safe and don’t take any tours from the hotel concierge as they’re 10x more expensive.

Comment below if you found this post useful or if you actually used this to take a trip to Istanbul.

Happy Journey! 🙂

Some other pictures from my trip

A day in the Yard

There’s a new spot in town and we’re here to give you the deets!

If you’ve been following us on Instagram, you would know by now what we’re talking about. Last Saturday, we packed our Dora the explorer bags and headed out to a new hang-out spot by Meraas Properties. Yes, the same developer that has brought us Box Park, City Walk, La Mer, Al Seef and The Beach has now developed a brand new local spot called “The Yard”


As the name suggests the arena is made to look like Old Mcdonald had a Farm with old tractors, ceramic animals like chickens, ducks and deers and stacks of hay all around. There are a wide number of benches and seating arrangements in shapes like cycles, barrels, shovels etc. The ambience is simply superb for families and friends.

If you’re still not convinced, let us tell you that this is the NEW instagram spot in the city. You can fullfil all your Boomerang Needs.

And this is just outside the main building. Inside the building features a garage-like indoor seating area, barrels with quirky quotes and rusted scaffolding. They’re all surrounding a beautiful lake with ceramic ducks. There’s also cute little rustic coffeeshop inside and a couple more to come soon.

One of our favourite corners from the whole Yard is the Lock & Key Bridge!!!!
There are two bridges where you can write a message and lock it on the bridge. Now we could’nt find any locks so we’re assuming you’d have to bring your own.

And last but definitely not the least, we all need some food don’t we? After a nice long walk around the yard you can fuel up at LAST EXIT! That’s right the popular food truck park has taken on a new destination with so much to offer. Click here to see the list of restaurant offerings.

Meraas has done a great job on the project. Located between Dubai & Sharjah its an excellent spot for families and friends to spend their evenings.


+ Performance by Sarah Alghanem

The Fridge Concert Series – A spectacular showcase of local talent

The Concert Series by The Fridge Dubai is back for it’s 25th Season and is jam-packed with splendid local established and emerging talent.

The line-up for this season is a mix of Rock, Latin, Indie-folk, Contemporary R&B and much more. There are four concerts in this season and each of them cost AED 50.


Check out @thefridgedubai on Instagram



Chronicles of Khan is gaining popularity as one of the best rock bands in town due to their extraordinary performances and their beautiful talent for songwriting. Still need proof? Check out the video!

Point of View is an award winning rock band established in the Middle East. They were awarded the “Best Band in Dubai” by TimeOut Awards and were handpicked to support Guns N’ Roses in their 2017 tour and we aren’t surprised at that, given their great talent.


Nowhere Birds is a indie-folk musical duo from Phillipines who is know for their unique style. The band includes Jules Suarez and Mitchiko Bagayna who formed the band in 2015.

Performance by Nowhere Birds

Performance by Nowhere Birds

Sarah Alghanem, this 21 year old is extremely talented and touched our hearts with her performance. Here is a sneak peek of it:

We Speak in Colors 

A bummer-rock band by Andrew Armstrong who took our breath away with his beautiful voice.

Performance by We Speak in Colors

Performance by We Speak in Colors


Cuban Night with Malena Avila & Friends. This is the perfect day to enjoy some Latin music by Malena who is a Cuban flautist. She plays beautiful Latin music with her special instrument.

To add on to that deadly combination, she is getting along some of the most talented Cubans in town who will play music ranging from Latin Jazz to breathtaking Cuban salsa. Their music will make you dance for sure! So hurry up and buy your tickets here.


Hasan Malik & the Lates. Hasan is a musical persona that seeks to fuse soul with contemporary R&B, he has well established himself through his seasoned performances across multiple venues in Dubai.

This concert will also showcase Leoné Murphy, Doug Heath and Saffron Collins who are sure to impress us with their abundant talent.  Interested in exploring some great music? Buy your tickets here

Looking for some more motivation to buy the tickets? HotBoxx is available right outside the warehouse to satisfy your hunger pangs.


Great music, delicious food, beautiful weather, interesting people and even the fridge’s house cat accompanies you.

The Fridge's in-house cat who loves music

The Fridge’s in-house cat who loves music

What are you waiting for? Hurry up and buy your tickets.


The Fridge

Alserkal Avenue, Warehouse #5

Al Quoz 1 Dubai, United Arab Emirates





Zen Food for Every Mood

“Hashi” is a Pan-Asian restaurant opening on 1st February in Oud Metha. While there are a lot asian restaurants in UAE, Hashi integrates it’s Pan-Asian flavours into Tapas Style items. The eatery is good enough to accommodate 45-50 people, and is well fitted for all sorts of gatherings both with friends and families.

The restaurant is well designed to complement its offerings. The interior of this restaurant is well-balanced between Asian and urban with handcrafted paintings around the ceilings and walls. To make sure they serve you good mood with good food, the ambience is enhanced with Asian instrumental music to get your mind along with your taste buds to a different part of the world.


We were invited by Hashi to review some of the items on the menu. Upon looking at the menu we realised there’s no “Starter-Maincourse” sort of system. We were then educated that the food served at Hashi is “Tapas Style” which means there’s only one course of smaller portioned servings made to share. It is also well noted that they have a wide selection of food for the vegetarians as well as the non-vegetarians and most items on the menu can be customised to the meat of your choice or without meat as well.


IMG_9939 copyimg_9940-copy.jpg

Yushiber Fizz [AED 20]

This beverage is a typical lemon mint drink with added cucumber slices. The difference between a regular lemon mint and Yushiber Fizz is that they use Japanese lemon which has more “zing” than the regular ones.

Mango Gui Shui [AED 20]

This was a unique combination of mango, orange and turmeric that worked very well together. The mocktail is topped off with mango pieces on a skewer and sprinkled with some spice which just puts the whole beverage together.


Crunchy Asian Salad [AED 18, Good for 3 persons]

IMG_9941 copy

This delicious salad is made with a mix of beetroot, edamame, mixed leaves and to make it crunchy; crispy noodles. It is all mixed with Miso Aioli: A soya bean and mayonnaise based sauce. We recommend you start your meal with this delicious salad.

Prawns Tempura [AED 18]


Another must try from Hashi’s menu is the Prawns Tempura. Its beautifully golden brown and served with traditional Japanese Ginger Shayu.
Tempura is also available in a vegetarian option.

Ping Pong [AED 19]

IMG_9958 copy

Just like the name suggested, we received 3 little ping pong looking balls on the table. Ping Pongs are filled with vegetables and coated in a layer of crisps and coriander and is best paired with the Garlic Chili Aioli. It had a very unique taste. It is a big thumbs up from us.

Beef Short Ribs [AED 40]


This supposedly is the Chef’s favourite and he personally cooks it for four hours. Firstly, the presentation of the short ribs is simply luxurious. It is well done and quite tender. But on the downside, the meat is quite sweet thanks to the sauce its cooked in. So if you are someone who loves sweet and sour meat, this is for you.

Vegetable & Sweet Corn Gyoza [AED 18]

IMG_0009 copy

Gyoza are dumplings. Six pieces of this delicious melt-in-your-mouth steamed dumplings were served to us with Vinaigrette on the side. The filling was cooked well and the dumpling was still extremely soft.
Gyoza is also available in Chicken.

Chicken Tamari Fried Rice [AED 14]


A personal little bowl with flavourful rice is exactly what perfect comfort food can be defined as. We most definitely recommend for you to try this if and when you make the visit to Hashi.
Tamari rice is also available in beef and vegetarian options.

Yaki Ramen Noodles  [AED 17]

IMG_9989 copy.jpg

This traditional Japanese noodles didn’t impress us relative to all the others. The noodles are sticky and bland and could use more flavour. However, when we did pair this with the Garlic Chili Aioli it tasted much better.


There are only two desserts on the menu so not much to select from.

Lemon Yuzu Cheesecake [AED 24]

IMG_0071 copy

This cheesecake is light and tangy. The base is very thin which means you get more of the delicious cheesecake and is topped with the Japanese Lemon. We definitely recommend for you to try this at your visit.

Green Tea Tiramisu [AED 24] 


We’re big fans of coffee and hence, even tiramisu. So when we saw this title on the menu we were intrigued. What was unfortunate was that we didn’t quite enjoy the combination of Tiramisu with Matcha. It leaves a bitter aftertaste. If you are someone who loves Matcha, do give it a try and let us know below what you thought of it.

Overall we really liked the presentation and taste of most of the dishes. Although, we felt that the menu could have had a few more desserts added to it. We would really love to visit them again to try other dishes on the menu and would definitely recommend you to do so as well.

Restaurant Details:

Hashi Dubai
Open from 12pm – 11pm

Hashi Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato



Keventer’s Milkshakes – Are they worth the Instagram hype?

One thing is for sure that Keventer’s milkshakes have managed to bring all the boys and girls to it’s yard 😂.

So the hype around this brand of milkshakes really grew over the last one year in India and now they have opened two franchises in Dubai as well – and seems like they are coming up with two more!

So how did Keventers manage to become such a popular brand in a small amount of time?


Keventers – Karama Branch, Dubai


Well to explain, here’s a bit of a flashback.

Keventers is an Indian brand, however it was founded in late 1800s by Edward Keventers who was a Swedish national and owned a sprawling dairy farm in New Delhi, India.

After he passed away one of his distributors – RK Dalmia took over his flourishing business and expanded further until it had to shut down it’s plant in the 1970s.

A few small distributors continued selling it’s products, for example the small hole-in-the-wall outlet at Connaught Place which the Delhiites know really well.

Cut to late 2014 – Dalmia’s grandson Agastya Dalmia, Aman Arora & Sohrab Sitaram decided to give the brand a new spin and change the way the Keventers as a brand was seen.


The new generation knew that milkshakes are fairly common and frankly speaking, really easy to make! It was a huge challenge to brand something so common. So how did they still manage to grab everyone’s attention?

To differentiate their product, they branded their unique bottles and allowed customers to take it home and the young generation made it really popular via social media such as Instagram. Viral marketing on Instagram made them extremely hip and contemporary – something the millennials found a connection with; and to strike a chord with the young India they incorporated that within the interiors of their outlets as well to give it a fresh and cool vibe.

They adopted a franchise model – similar to what McDonald’s follows and they quickly spread all over Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad and of course, Dubai as well! Since then there’s been no stopping for Keventers as it’s a whopping 5 million dollar business in such a short span of time!

Team SNAPR decided to try both the outlets in Dubai.

The first one is located in the food court of Oasis Centre, Al Quoz. Since it is in a food court, there isn’t much of a “hip & contemporary” ambience. While the second one is a small branch in Karama next to Govinda’s restaurant and the place gives out a chic vibe decorated with fairy lights with stool-seating for a group of 5-6 people.


From left to right: Choco Chip, Exotic Strawberry, Kesar Badam, Banoffee


Coming to the milkshakes, they are not as thick like the one’s you’d find at Shakeism, Millions of Milkshakes, Black Tap, Eat Sol or Johnny Rockets.

They are more like flavored milk as they do not have a thick texture; so it’s lighter on the stomach. But if you’re anything like me and prefer heavier shakes, then this one’s likely to disappoint.


KitKat Thick Shake


For the one’s who would still like to give it a try then KitKat & Choco Chip Thick Shakes are recommended for all chocolate lovers. Meanwhile Banoffee Premium Shake would be suitable for someone who is a coffee-lover but it’s recommended you stay away from it if you don’t like bananas in your milkshake. Snicker Superior was thick and brought out a strong flavor of Snickers Bar.


Kesar Badam Milkshake – Bottle Stamped with UAE Flag for UAE’s National Flag Day


Kesar Badam and Exotic Strawberry are one of their originals which are simple and yet pretty flavorful, so it’s a must try.


Macadamia Mayhem Milkshake


However, Macadamia Mayhem is just milk and macadamia nuts at the bottom of your bottle so it’s a complete miss and kindly stay away from it.

Price: You’ll find classic shakes starting from AED 15 to Keventer’s Special Shakes going up to AED 33.


Different Milk related Puns on every bottle!


All in all, it’s just an offering of light milkshakes in a glass bottle which you can take home to ‘gram 😂. However, it’s a pretty successful marketing story!

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VAT? What’s that? -Tips and Tricks to save your cash

Among the cheer of the holidays is the fear of the common people thanks to the introduction of Value Added Tax i.e. VAT. This fear is simply because the common public is unaware of what this exactly means for us. So we thought we could help you figure out whats all this gushing about and ways you can save costs! $$$$

So what on earth is VAT?
Value added tax is a consumption based tax the burden of which is fully borne by the consumer. Businesses simply act as a collecting agent on behalf of the government. As on 1st January 2018, VAT will be charged on taxable supplies the rate varies between 0 – 5%.

What are taxable supplies?

Taxable supplies are those goods and services that are subject to VAT. These can be classified further into:

  • Standard Rated Supplies: Goods and services subject to 5% VAT
  • Zero Rates Supplies: Goods and services subject to 0% VAT

There are also exempt supplies which are excluded from the VAT charge. From a consumer point of view there is no difference between zero-rated and exempt supplies since no VAT is to be paid. The difference comes into play for businesses only.

For the purpose of this article, we will only look at VAT from the consumer’s point of view.

VAT circle

VAT always sounds like a big, scary, monstrous word, so much so that the minute you hear the word VAT, you can feel multiple holes drilling in your pockets and wallets. So how can you save up on your money to make enough room for VAT? The answer is simple. Live simple.
Here are a few pointers on how to do just that:-
  1. Restrict the outdoor binges only to weekends: While I know it may seem tempting to go out or order in everyday as UAE has so much to offer in terms of dining options, it can be absolutely pocket-unfriendly to eat out everyday. On an average, we spend about AED 50-75 a day just on food, and this is just the lower side. Spendings can shoot up to about AED 200-350 during weekends if your preferences are more luxurious. So curb that expenditure and keep the outings/ deliveries to the weekends.

    fine dining- time out dubai

    Photo courtesy: Time Out Dubai

  2. Love them ladies nights: If you’re a lady who loves herself a good glass of wine or scotch or drinks in any form, the best way to go around VAT for you is to utilize the ladies nights that most bars, pubs and restaurants offer. Ladies nights are such a common concept here in the UAE, and the best part of it all is that there’s one in separate restaurants on different days of the week, with most offering at least 2 free beverages. Men, don’t feel disheartened, we are quite certain that the concept of Men’s nights will surely get around to being popular here too 🙂

    ladies night- ladies night dubai

    Photo Courtesy: Ladies’ Night Dubai

  3. Cheap dates can be cheap thrills too: Date nights need not always be dinner
    at a fancy restaurant or gastropub, it can also be made into a shawarma and beach date, or also a nice night under the stars at Jebel Jais, or just a movie once in a while. Who said date nights cannot be done under AED 20? Challenge accepted! Image-1
  4. Voucher world: Websites like Groupon, Cobone and coupons in general can be your best friends. They give you the opportunity to explore so much more and in such less costs. Have a check through these sites on a regular basis to find vouchers which may suit your needs. Most vouchers also allow for group options so you can save up with your friends on activities that you would commonly like to do. Speaking of commonly, options like Zomato Gold give you a good opportunity to buy multiple drinks at cheaper prices which comes specifically in handy when you’re a group of 2 or more people. The subscription costs are like one time investments but the returns are worth it. Another idea to save up with vouchers: pool in with 2-3 friends to purchase the entertainer vouchers, be it the app or the book. It becomes even more handy if you along with your friends are food bloggers and love venturing out to eating destinations together. Really, who in this world can hate vouchers?

    vouchers- twitter

    Photo credits: Twitter

  5. Lastly, saving begins from home: It’s very easy to get carried away and spend all that money away once pay day comes. Seeing those nice digits come in to your bank account just triggers some sort of response which makes you feel like you can afford the world. Come the 20th of every month, and you realize that all that money just flew out of your pocket and landed elsewhere. So what do you do to avoid this? Again, live simple.a) At the start of every month, create a budget of all your possible expenditures, inclusive of friends’ birthdays and other special events. Leave some extra money for contingencies and utilities such as petrol and Salik, and if you’re living by yourself, then monthly future rent, groceries, DEWA, Etisalat and Chiller bills(if required). Based on this, transfer approximately and at the least 30-40% of your pay to a savings account and let that remain untouched. For those staying alone, this is also where your savings for monthly future rent stays. Try to utilize your remainder money only to the point where you absolutely need it and avoid where possible. For instance, avoid purchases of extra groceries and buying things you absolutely don’t need even if retail therapy calls for it.


    Photo courtesy: Financial Tribune

  6. b) Avoid late payments and fines:these can be really annoying to get and really easy to mitigate just by following the laws of the land. It’s a good general rule to follow even if VAT had not been in place as such.
  7. radar- emirates247

    Photo courtesy: Emirates 24×7

  8. c) Save up on those bills: All utility charges are only based on consumption so lesser consumption means lesser expenses.So do try to be mindful of all your usages. Simple tips like switching off lights and shutting off taps when you don’t require them can save you a lot of money. During winter times, keep the windows open often rather than getting those large chiller bills.
  9. green bill- DEWA

    Photo courtesy: DEWA

It may seem like a lot to do but you’ll be amazed at how much you could possibly save up from your earnings. And trust us when we say this, seeing those bank digits grow every month, that’s definitely going to put a smile on your face. 🙂
Khaleej Times has added a VAT calculator to help estimate the amount VAT you need to factor into your budgets. You can find it here