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4 day Istanbul Experience (Itinerary included)

A short four day tour around the beautiful City of Istanbul exploring heaps of culture.


Mauritius: Jewel in the Indian Ocean

If you had an idea of what paradise looks like, it would be Mauritius. Did you know driving from the north tip to the south tip of Mauritius would take an hour and a half non-stop with no traffic? That’s how small this island is!  It is a tiny speck in the Indian Ocean, but so abundant in natural beauty, making nature feel unreal. … Read More Mauritius: Jewel in the Indian Ocean


The Natural Beauty of Dibba and Khorfakkan

Beaches near a desert? Is it a mirage? No, it isn’t a mirage, its reality. Dibba is a coastal area in the northern region of United Arab Emirates. Dibba is a one off place which is ruled by two Emirates viz. Sharjah and Fujairah. Khorfakkan on the other hand comes under the Emirate of Sharjah. Both of these places are known for their magnificent … Read More The Natural Beauty of Dibba and Khorfakkan


A Passenger’s Paradise: Leh Ladakh

Living in a metropolitan city can drive you absolutely crazy sometimes. From a stressful work week to daily hassles like traffic and sometimes unpredictable weather conditions just add on to your stress like small bricks to a massive building of city life madness. Factors like these demand a getaway to a place where you are surrounded by only serenity and solitude; and probably to … Read More A Passenger’s Paradise: Leh Ladakh