Month: June 2018

La Perle By Dragone – The Live Masterpiece

La Perle is the region’s first resident show which is created by the world’s most renowned artistic director, Franco Dragone. The show is brought to life by 65 international artists representing their own unique set of skills ranging from acrobats, acting, acquatic and aerial stunts. The gorgeous theatre located in Al Habtoor City is designed to accommodate 1300 viewers. Certain bits of the show … Read More La Perle By Dragone – The Live Masterpiece


The Playhouse – the new fun-land?

Now here’s the thing with Dubai weekends: it’s almost a ritual to make plans happen over the weekend, and for most times, it’s a type of plan that runs till 3am in the morning giving you a chance to be as nocturnal as you’d like. Nightlife in Dubai is so vivid and vibrant, when it comes down to the options you have, with different … Read More The Playhouse – the new fun-land?