One thing is for sure that Keventer’s milkshakes have managed to bring all the boys and girls to it’s yard 😂.

So the hype around this brand of milkshakes really grew over the last one year in India and now they have opened two franchises in Dubai as well – and seems like they are coming up with two more!

So how did Keventers manage to become such a popular brand in a small amount of time?


Keventers – Karama Branch, Dubai


Well to explain, here’s a bit of a flashback.

Keventers is an Indian brand, however it was founded in late 1800s by Edward Keventers who was a Swedish national and owned a sprawling dairy farm in New Delhi, India.

After he passed away one of his distributors – RK Dalmia took over his flourishing business and expanded further until it had to shut down it’s plant in the 1970s.

A few small distributors continued selling it’s products, for example the small hole-in-the-wall outlet at Connaught Place which the Delhiites know really well.

Cut to late 2014 – Dalmia’s grandson Agastya Dalmia, Aman Arora & Sohrab Sitaram decided to give the brand a new spin and change the way the Keventers as a brand was seen.


The new generation knew that milkshakes are fairly common and frankly speaking, really easy to make! It was a huge challenge to brand something so common. So how did they still manage to grab everyone’s attention?

To differentiate their product, they branded their unique bottles and allowed customers to take it home and the young generation made it really popular via social media such as Instagram. Viral marketing on Instagram made them extremely hip and contemporary – something the millennials found a connection with; and to strike a chord with the young India they incorporated that within the interiors of their outlets as well to give it a fresh and cool vibe.

They adopted a franchise model – similar to what McDonald’s follows and they quickly spread all over Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad and of course, Dubai as well! Since then there’s been no stopping for Keventers as it’s a whopping 5 million dollar business in such a short span of time!

Team SNAPR decided to try both the outlets in Dubai.

The first one is located in the food court of Oasis Centre, Al Quoz. Since it is in a food court, there isn’t much of a “hip & contemporary” ambience. While the second one is a small branch in Karama next to Govinda’s restaurant and the place gives out a chic vibe decorated with fairy lights with stool-seating for a group of 5-6 people.


From left to right: Choco Chip, Exotic Strawberry, Kesar Badam, Banoffee


Coming to the milkshakes, they are not as thick like the one’s you’d find at Shakeism, Millions of Milkshakes, Black Tap, Eat Sol or Johnny Rockets.

They are more like flavored milk as they do not have a thick texture; so it’s lighter on the stomach. But if you’re anything like me and prefer heavier shakes, then this one’s likely to disappoint.


KitKat Thick Shake


For the one’s who would still like to give it a try then KitKat & Choco Chip Thick Shakes are recommended for all chocolate lovers. Meanwhile Banoffee Premium Shake would be suitable for someone who is a coffee-lover but it’s recommended you stay away from it if you don’t like bananas in your milkshake. Snicker Superior was thick and brought out a strong flavor of Snickers Bar.


Kesar Badam Milkshake – Bottle Stamped with UAE Flag for UAE’s National Flag Day


Kesar Badam and Exotic Strawberry are one of their originals which are simple and yet pretty flavorful, so it’s a must try.


Macadamia Mayhem Milkshake


However, Macadamia Mayhem is just milk and macadamia nuts at the bottom of your bottle so it’s a complete miss and kindly stay away from it.

Price: You’ll find classic shakes starting from AED 15 to Keventer’s Special Shakes going up to AED 33.


Different Milk related Puns on every bottle!


All in all, it’s just an offering of light milkshakes in a glass bottle which you can take home to ‘gram 😂. However, it’s a pretty successful marketing story!

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2 Comments on “Keventer’s Milkshakes – Are they worth the Instagram hype?

  1. I also tried Keventer’s milkshake recently – while it wasn’t terrible, it wasn’t anything too special and I agree with you – it’s a pretty successful marketing story and it looks good in pictures! Feel free to stop by my blog 🙂


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