Month: December 2017


VAT? What’s that? -Tips and Tricks to save your cash

Among the cheer of the holidays is the fear of the common people thanks to the introduction of Value Added Tax i.e. VAT. This fear is simply because the common public is unaware of what this exactly means for us. So we thought we could help you figure out whats all this gushing about and ways you can save costs! $$$$ So what on … Read More VAT? What’s that? -Tips and Tricks to save your cash


Fruitful Day: A Fruity Fix

How many times have you ended up munching on unhealthy snacks because you didn’t have a stock of fresh fruits at home or because you have gotten bored of the same type of fruits available? Quite a few times I guess. Fruitful Day is here to get your healthy snacking back on track! I tried their Trail Box offer recently which includes a delicious … Read More Fruitful Day: A Fruity Fix


Mint Leaf of London

“Mint Leaf of London” is a contemporary fine dining restaurant that serves a great selection of Indian Cuisine. Chef Pradeep Khullar has redesigned the future of Indian culinary along with his new and revamped menu. Located on the 15th Floor of the Emirates Financial Towers in the heart of Dubai the restaurant and lounge offers spectacular views for your eyes to feast upon while … Read More Mint Leaf of London