It’s been a long week and you can’t wait to unwind and dine with your near and dear ones for the weekend.

But Gee! No one is able to decide what to eat and all you know is that you’re voracious and you could eat not one, but TWO horses!

Seems familiar doesn’t it?
If it does, then don’t worry, because Grand BBQ is here to rescue!


Grand BBQ Buffet Restaurant does complete justice to it’s name. It serves mainly Indian Cuisine for buffet with live counters serving Italian, Japanese and Chinese food as well.
Also, they serve a massive variety of everything from starters to desserts.

Team SNAPR’s visit to this restaurant was absolutely delightful in terms of food quality, taste, service and ambience.
Chef Akash and his extremely supportive team gave us a tour of the entire buffet explaining each item and made sure we ate to our heart’s content.

We loved how they took effort in designing an appropriate menu for vegetarians equal to that of the non-vegetarian menu with equal number of varieties and no compromise in taste, which many barbeque places don’t cater to, which is undoubtedly their USP.

Moving on to more details about the menu.
Beginning with appetizers, you’re served with soups and a sprawling salad counter and an extremely huge variety of kebabs in a platter.
Also for concerned vegetarians, they provide so much more than just paneer which is a huge relief from the monotony you find elsewhere.


Vegetarian Kebab Platter

Next they have a Chaat counter and they have everything from Sev Puri to Pani Puri and even Chocolate Pani Puri (say what?).

They also had live counters for Japanese food called Teppanyaki, Dim-Sums/Momos and the evergreen and everyone’s favourite – Pasta!


Penne Pasta with Vegetables and Pink Sauce

All the above live counters have everything you want made according to your taste so you can’t go wrong with these.

Next up, the mocktails/refreshing drinks.
It has one of the best thanda masala soda in Dubai and you cannot leave the restaurant without trying this one.
Also do try the detox drink and The Jaggery Kawa and Disco Chai.


Thanda Masala Soda

What we liked about this place is that even though the main course served is common at several Indian restaurants, they didn’t give up on taste nor variety, and it caters to those who would like to stick to the usual.


Paneer Makhanwala & Malai Kofta

There’s a small section for kids who are fussy about eating, where they can have fries and croquettes.

IMG_5326By the time you reach the dessert zone, you’re already too full, but no one is ever too full for desserts, am I right?

They have everything ranging from traditional Indian Sweets such as Halwas, Phirni, Jalebi, Pedas to Western varieties such as Cheesecakes, Mousses, Pastries and so much more.

They also make Rolled Ice Cream right in front of you and just when you thought you’ve had enough, you spot the Chocolate Fountain calling out your name!

The menu does remain more or less the same on most days, however if you visit after a long gap you might notice some offerings will have been replaced, mostly with something better.

Prepare your bellies to be stuffed like turkeys, but even with this warning it’s hard to give justice to each dish in one visit.

For true foodies willing to try this place out, it’ll take more than one visit to truly devour the Grand experience.
Highly recommended!

Contact Information:
Phone Number: +971 4 3555404

Grand Barbeque Buffet Restaurant Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato



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